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Many of you know us from our shows where we sell little wooden block prints of my paintings and pop art *waves*

If not then HELLO!! 

I decided to do a t-shirt with a collection of some of my favorites and put it all on one shirt I hope you like it! <3<3<3

this is the second version of the shirt and has the following subjects, painted in 2018

Boy in spikes

Frida Khalo blue

Nude girl study

Mac Miller

Pink horse

Palm tree symmetry

Elle Fanning

Prickily pear cactus

Bowie abstract graff double vision

Rossen House

Jimi Hendrix

Bridget Satterlee

Winifred Sanderson hocus pocus

biggie smalls smoking

joshua tree

kaleidoscope Audrey Hepburn

Buddha 2

Mona Lisa halftone

Freddie Mercury watercolor

Marylin Manson abstract

Printed with high quality ink direct to the shirt.  

We only use HIGH QUALITY SHIRTS and all are soft to the touch! 

Comes in all sizes and made to order please allow 2-4 days to ship. 

100%  cotton

High Quality fabric and ink

original art

choose your color tshirt


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