art and gifts made in LA

For many years we have been making and selling our art and designs at outdoor art fairs and markets.  Throughout the years we have had the ability and freedom to try new things and grow as an artists.  We also work directly with our wholesale art clients to create unique custom pieces specifically to meet their needs or location. 

Prints on Wood and OSB

Along the way we were seeking a way to create unique, affordable and collectible art for our own brand. In the process we ended up developing a slew of art and many variations to create our products.  We are able to create affordable unique and collectable products using some unique methods.  Our wood printing method has been very popular and allows us to create ANY image printed directly on wood!  This has been useful as we can create specialty wood prints of our original oil and watercolor paintings as well as photography.  Although much of our process remains a secret we can tell you the final product is something spectacular.  

Laser Engraving

Another process that we love (me being a creative but also a total geek) is utilizing our laser engraver!  We make custom wood signs, unique burnt line art and also wood cuts engravings.  Recently we have been lucky to acquire our newest laser which allows us to cut through thicker material and at a much larger scale!  We make new designs often and are always open to create something new and custom for you.    

Embroidery and Art

Along with those two fancy processes we thought… Why not make some fiber/fabric art??  So alas we decided an embroidery machine to the shop!  I have always been in love with the texture of fabrics and the artistic element of embroidery.  This process was a challenge as it is difficult to learn  how to translate images  to thread.  After years with our machine we finally worked out some products we are very proud of.  Our tapestries take a long time to make and are always slightly different but worth it.


Wholesale Art

Please reach out to us, so we can set you up with a wholesale account for our art and goodies.

Matt Wilcox Artist and proud geek

Embroidered Tapestries

good friends are hard to find

Moonphase wood cut out

triple goddess pin