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About Us

Matt and Josh here! We are the minds behind Sticks and Lasers Art and Apparel.  We create the art and designs for every piece we sell. Using Laser engraving, wood printing and embroidery to make unique and special home décor accessories and fine art items.

Matt comes from the geeky techy side of the creative world and Josh comes from the dance and film side. Together they are the ultimate SUPER TEAM and are able to create the art they love and connect with.

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Customer Testimonials


I love this piece SO MUCH. It looks just like the picture and I am so pumped to display it in my home.


“I absolutely love it! I had no expectations and was amazed with the detail. It’s beautiful and perfect for décor. THANK YOU!.”


“This is a beautiful piece that I purchased as a gift for someone. they loved it. I had to reach out to the seller with a question and they promptly replied and were super helpful..”